About the Artist

I am currently a student RIT for New Media Publishing with a concentration in Pre-media and a liberal arts concentration in Communication. I’m currently 20 years old and in my third year of college, living in Rochester, NY with my boyfriend. Drawing and cartooning has been a long time hobby of mine that I recently started taking seriously. I began taking commissions as a means to make a little spare cash and found I was able to support myself quite well with it, so I continued.

I offer my work through a website called FurAffinity, which Is an art site specifically for cartoon animals, mascot costumes and furry artwork, which is the kind of artwork I draw.

While cartooning is what I do most, I also do things in sewing (mainly stuffed animal making), mascot costumes, design, and print.

I can be contacted through my email at kalarts078@gmail.com with any questions or commission related information.

About my Work

The genre I draw is commonly known as ‘furry’ artwork, which means animals or anthropomorphic animals. The genre spans over all different kinds of medias and styles with the one unifying feature being the subject created. This can include traditional art, digital art, sculpture, sewing, puppetry, mascot costumes, and many others. I personally focus mainly on digital artwork and work with programs such as the Adobe Suite, Paint Tool SAI, and Paint Shop Pro. I do some traditional work with prismacolor markers and colored pencils as well. On average I’ll spend anywhere from 5 hours to 10 hours on a piece from start to finish, depending on the complexity.

I started doing freelance and commission work at the beginning of college and it took off from there. Today I have a constant flow of work and am able to support myself off my work.

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