Commission Information


I can be contacted through my email, or through FA notes. When contacting me to claim a spot, you don’t have to initially send any commission information. Once the slot is yours, please prepare and send details as soon as you can. This includes references, descriptions, photos, and anything else you can think of that will help me draw what you want. Once everything is sorted out, you may keep contact with me if you choose or ask me any questions you have. Please do not continuously poke me about when I’ll finish. I have other work to do as well and it can take a bit. If you think I’ve forgotten about it, don’t hesitate to let me know. I normally take about a month to complete a commission.


I have the right to refuse to draw anything at any time. Please do not push me or try to convince me if I tell you no. There are some things I’m better at drawing then others. If your commission involves a theme that I’m not very skilled at, I will let you know before any payment is made. Afterwards, it’ll be up to you if you want to continue or not. I will not replicate any other artists’ style or coloring technique, so please don’t ask. You’re commissioning me for my work, not someone else’s. On the same note, I will not go back and try and replicate an older or out of date coloring style of my own.


Due to mishaps in the past, I do not start work until I have seen at least some of the payment. Normally my customers pay in full, but I understand if you want to split the payment, especially if it’s a larger price. If you choose to split, I normally take either one half or ne third up front and the rest either after the sketch is shown and work is begun or after completion. If you wait till completion I will send you a small thumbnail preview with a watermark as proof and send you the full size after the rest of the payment is made.

I prefer paypal transactions, but if you wish to send money or a check by mail, we can talk about it. If this course is taken, please note that I’m not responsible for lost payments and that the commission will not be completed if the payment is lost. When sending money through paypal please DON’T send payments as a ‘gift’.

Your Commission

I tend to work straight through on a commission in one sitting, meaning I finish it the day I start it. For this reason, I tend not to show previews of the commission unless a client specifically asks to see it before completion. Please note that this will slow down production time as there will be a longer period of communication between you and I. If you choose to see a preview, I usually send them before I ink and color when the image is still a rough sketch. If you have any minor changes to make, I can make them at this stage. Also, if I show you a preview and you choose not to make changes, you cannot make changes later on after completion (this excludes color errors). When your commission is completed I will send you a resized file of it to you. If you wish to have the full resolution file as well, please let me know and I will send it to you as well. I will not give out any working files.


As said before, I would prefer changes be made in the sketch stage. If you think you’re going to want things to be changed, please let me know before I start. Minor changes will be free but major changes will require a fee based on what you have me do. Major changes include things such as complete pose or character changes, starting over, major changes in the background, etc. After your commission is complete, I will not make any changes unless I am the one at fault (such as messing up a color or pattern, etc). If you are adamant about making changes after completion, there will be a fee.

Posting Rights

Once your commission is done, you have the right to display the artwork provided you credit me anywhere it is posted. The artwork doesn’t become completely yours and you do not have the right to duplicate and sell it, profit from it, or alter it in anyway. If you do wish to do any of these things, please talk to me about it first. As the original artist, I retain the right to post it, print it, and display it any way I wish. Proper credit will always be given to the owners of any characters used. If the commission is to remain private, please let me know at the start of production.

Quick Pricing Guide

Price Guide


Soft Shaded Commissions Full colored character: 50$ (link)

Each additional character: +25$ (link)

Head/bust shot: 25$ (link)

Added Background: +25$ (link)

Badges: 35$ (link)

Icons: 15$ (link)

Cell Shaded Commissions: Full colored character: 40$ (link)

Each additional character: +20$ (link )

Head/ Bust Shot: 20$ (link)

Added background: +30$ (link)

Badges: 25$ (link)

Icons: 15$ (link)

Flat Color Commissions: Full Colored Character: 30$ (link)

Each additional character: +15$ (link)

Head/Bust shot: 15$ (No Example)

Added Background: +20$ (link)

Badges: 20$ (link)

Icons: 10$ (No example)

Traditional Commissions: Full colored character: 40$ (link)

Each additional character: +20$ (link)

Head/Bust shot: 20$ (link)

Added Background +30$ (link)

Badges: 25$ (link)

Icons: 15$ (No Example)

Other: Ref Sheets: Start at 20$ and +15$ for each additional full body pose, +5$ for each additional headshot/feature, and +$5 for text addition (FLAT COLORS ONLY) (link)

Animated Icons: +5-10$ to the original icon price (depends on the complexity of the animation) (link)

Colored Sketches: 10-15$ (depending on complexity (link))

Mailing and Laminating: +2$ (if you want any traditional pieces mailed or any badges laminated and mailed out)

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